Our services

In our surgery we  emphasize on the importance of preservation and prevention,
especially as the most beautiful smile is with your own teeth!

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Areas of specialization

We advise, inform and treat in the fields of dental aesthetics, parodontology, endodontology, implantology and dentures. Adults as well as children are welcome.

A special focus is put on the tooth conservation and prevention through regular check-ups.

Tensions and disfunction

In case of craniomandibular disfunctions (teeth grinding, etc.) and their effects we can help with thorough diagnostic and treatment. In case of strong muscular tensions in the temporomandibular and craniomandibular area, we work closely with specialized physiotherapists and osteopaths.

Close cooperation with specialists

In special cases like malpositioned teeth we work hand in hand with qualified orthodontists.

Does snoring bother you?

If snoring is a problem for you, we gladly offer the possibility of a custom made lower jaw brace. These braces fix the lower jaw to the front keeping the respiratory tracts free.

Are you afraid of the dentist?

We patiently take the time you need for dental check-ups and treatment and look for ways to provide you with the necessary treatment.

Our consultation

We are always available for detailed questions. An open and honest dialogue with our patients is key in our job.